RSD16 wander

Originally posted on my Ello account. Had a great wander down to Castle Road in Southsea today, though I may have been a bit too ambitious with the amount of cameras I took. Today is Record Store Day #rsd16 #recordstoreday16 and Castle Road, in the hands of Pie & Vinyl is celebrating that day with stalls and live music. I took my Leica M6 (initially with Voigtlander 35mm f1.4 MC and loaded with Kentmere 400), Canonet 17 QL (loaded with Agfa Vista 200) and FujiFilm X-Pro1 (with my new-to-me Jupiter 8 50mm). I used the Leica M6 mainly (as usual), barely used the Canonet and didnt fire a shot with the Fuji Xpro1. I did use the opportunity to move the Jupiter 8 from the Fuji Xpro1, that it has been firmly attached to nice I got that lens, to the Leica M6. It's a great lens for ~£3 and though Ive yet get any film Ive used it with on the M6 developed, its produced some lovely shots on the Fuji Xpro1. Its 'character' so far as I can tell is that of soft contrast and at a stretch a faintly 'dreamy' feeling, also not great into the sun. However the bokeh is lovely and its £35! So I had it on my M6 and used most of a roll of Kentmere 400 and the start of another roll. Note the card wedged in the framelines lever to set them to 50mm. As the 50mm framelines are smaller in the viewfinder than my usual 35mm framelines, its nice to see subjects entering and exiting the frame. Had its of fun taking a few photos of bands with the Jupiter 8 and the M6 and its suprisingly easy to use. Photos will be online in does course.

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