BTS Home Office

Thought I'd show a little behind-the-scenes of my 'home office' as setup videos and details seem popular. You'll see in these my new 2017 iMac that replaced my venerable 2008 MacPro tower along with my 23" Apple Cinema Display, my new bamboo riser on my Ikea desk (hiding my PS4). My Anglepoise lamp that I won at a Strong Island anniversary also Raw and Auburn card wallet. Swappable HD caddy, G-RAID drive, 3rd party bluetooth numerical keypad and USB 3 hub. Many camera bits, Leica M6, FujiFilm X100 (rev1), Yashica 124G, Canonet 28, Olympus XA, Holga 120N, Miranda, Yashica Minister, Olympus MJU 1, FujiFilm Instax Mini, Canonet QL 17 and faux Leica tin case (holding used film). My film cases from Japan Camera HunterTap & Dye and vintage Kodak. Box of film and camera bags. Epson printer, scanner and 2007 MacBook Pro. My many various prints of photos and art and screen prints. The "RMA" sign from my dad's office building. My side of the room that should-never-be-seen. Best just to ask me about anything else ...

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