If you’d like any prints of my photos don’t hesitate to let me know. You can find most of them on Instagram. I’m sure we can come to a reasonable price for either the black and white or colour at varying sizes.

“I picked up a small, tactile Fuji X100 digital camera a few years ago and it immediately fired my interest in film photography. I’ve since acquired many film cameras and started a many projects including portraits, the everyday ‘quotidian’ street life, my seaside town of Southsea and the local football team’s shadow over the local residents.”
Read more detail on my Contact page.


Quotidian Street

Adjective: quotidian – Of or occurring every day; daily.
“The car sped noisily off through the quotidian traffic.” Ordinary or everyday; mundane.


Living in Southsea, the beach is a large part of mine and others lives. People often use it in their own unique ways. As Martin Parr once said, American photographers may have invented street photography, “in the UK, we have the beach!”.

Behind the fence

Portsmouth (Pompey) Football Club is my local team, and this is how I see it as an outsider to the world of football. This also feels like an appropriate project with which to stretch my black and white legs.


Extremely honoured to be asked to display my photos of street art in an exhibition in 2015 at Southampton City Gallery in the foyer, alongside a Ben Johnson retrospective and “Stencilism” shows.

Also invited to be on display from late June 2016 in the Strong Island shop in Southsea.


Worthing Car Show December 2018
Street London 2018 December 2018
Playing Dead September 2018
Record Store Day 18 September 2018
Greenery September 2018
Car Boot August 2018
Bristol 2017 August 2018
Street London 2017 June 2018
BTS Home Office February 2018
Long time no colour January 2018
Car Boots September 2017
Colour Southsea August 2017
Dad June 2017
RSD 2017 B&W May 2017
Sunny B&W Walk April 2017
Sunny Colour Walk March 2017
Other Things March 2017
Foggy Southsea March 2017
Porsche February 2017
Play Dead and Samo February 2017
Double Exposures February 2017
Weekend Wanderer February 2017
Portsmouth Again January 2017
Portsmouth January 2017
More from Brighton January 2017
Fareham BnW December 2016
Various December 2016
Brighton December 2016
Midge at Play Dead December 2016
Colour Stuff November 2016
Black and White Finds November 2016
Colour Street November 2016
Skatepark October 2016
London SPS 2016 October 2016
Some Streetart October 2016
Southsea Skatepark October 2016
Alresford September 2016
33rpm at Play Dead September 2016
Americas Cup 2016 September 2016
My Friend’s Wedding September 2016
Hot Walls August 2016
Castle Road Wander August 2016
Double Exposures August 2016
Baffled Coffee August 2016
Korp at Play Dead August 2016
Stansted Park 2016 July 2016
Colour selections July 2016
Portra 400 July 2016
Bath Cathedral June 2016
Clear New Yashica June 2016
Bath in Colour June 2016
Pie & Vinyl May 2016
RSD16 wander May 2016
Snub at Play Dead April 2016
Southsea Early 2016 March 2016
Brighton Feb 2016 March 2016
Colour late 2015 March 2016
Stormy Southsea March 2016
Black & White late 2015 February 2016
Street late 2015 February 2016
Brighton Street Art January 2016
Play Dead January 2016
Victorious 2015 January 2016
Walls December 2015
Black and White Street December 2015
Upfest 2015 X-Pro1 December 2015
Upfest 2015 December 2015
Street Colour November 2015
Self Dev Film November 2015
Wimbledon Park Art November 2015
Hilsea Lido November 2015
Holga November 2015
Funns October 2015
Yet more cameras October 2015
More cameras October 2015
Cameras September 2015
Paris XA1 September 2015
Paris Leica M6 September 2015
Paris X100 September 2015
Fark Birds August 2015
Stranger July 2015
News stand light June 2015
Holga at Fratton June 2015
Brighton May 2015
Lavagna, Italy March 2015
Eastleigh Park March 2015
Birdie Conf 2014 March 2015
HeadJam 2014 February 2015
Together in Solitude February 2015
Portsmouth Uni CCI January 2015
Jonny Hannah January 2015
Teatray January 2015
Street film from April December 2014
The Tricorn December 2014
London Coffee Festival November 2014
Street Preacher November 2014
Shapes October 2014
Detail continues October 2014
Creating Balance Again September 2014
Contrast Architecture September 2014
Abstract Car Park August 2014
All About Tea July 2014
Street Preacher July 2014
November March 2014
Lucknam Park 2013 March 2014
Ilfracombe 2013 March 2014
Headjam on film February 2014
Keep clear of the waves February 2014
September 2013 February 2014
Leica M6 January 2014
August 2013 December 2013
July 2013 November 2013
June 2013 November 2013
May 2013 September 2013
April 2013 September 2013
More from March 2013 September 2013
January Retrospective August 2013
HeadJam 2013 August 2013
KoC 2013 June 2013
Colour time June 2013
May already? April 2013
2013 thus far March 2013
The best of 2012 January 2013
December Finalé January 2013
November less is more December 2012
October Refinement November 2012
September Autumn falls October 2012
August restraint September 2012
July 2012 August 2012
The Boat Deck August 2012
June is a quick one August 2012
Morocco July 2012
May is finito May 2012
KoC shots May 2012
A few from April April 2012
This is March 2012 March 2012
February 2012 pt 2 March 2012
February 2012 pt 1 February 2012
Foray into film February 2012
More from January January 2012
Welcome to 2012 January 2012
It happened in 2011 January 2012
Some from November November 2011
Late October October 2011
October so far October 2011
PunchFunk September 2011 September 2011
Paphos, Cyprus July 2011
Fujifilm X100 June 2011
Lahdahn April 2011
Skatepark Easter April 2011
Fawcett Inn March 2011
Brknk & Pnchfnk March 2011
Portsmouth at Night March 2011
Honda Civic March 2011
Jelly Jazz March 2011
Hospitality dnb 2 March 2011
King of Concrete March 2011
DJ Sekklow March 2011
Hospitality dnb March 2011
DJ JD March 2011
‘A’ March 2011
Scratch Perverts March 2011
35mm 120 400hpro agfavista Asahi believeinfilm cameras canonet cinestill colorpro ektar fomapan fujifilm holga120n hp5 ilford kentmere kodak leica lomo m6 mediumformat medium format miranda mju1 nikon office olympus pentax portra portra400 project ql17 show SP500 tri-x trix trix400 x100 xa xa1 xp2 xpro1 yashica124g yashicaministerIII

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